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Geodesic Dome Tents
Glass Dome Tent Special Beach Tent

Glass dome tents are mostly for people to hang out in the garden or near the beach, once installed it is complicated to disassemble as the tempered glass must be stuck with each other tight enough when installed so as to be weather resistant.
3 layer tempered glass is suggested instead of single layer as the tents are expecting people to live and have activities inside. 5+9+5mm thickness is popularly chosen and if customers have an adequate budget they can go for 5+14+5mm thickness for the glass.
An extra coating could be added to the outer glass so that people from outside cannot see anything inside; however people from the inside can still see what’s happening outside. Therefore, the coating is to protect privacy.
Besides, a glass window and glass door are highly recommended for better air ventilation. The window can be placed anywhere that customers prefer but higher position might be better than lower position for air flow. Even so there is no need to worry that the window is the too high to reach as we have automatic glass window which can be controlled by a remote.
This can be a luxury hotel room or reading area or relaxing paradise with friends that you can afford and that is your own place to enjoy.