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Update time : 2019-03-15 21:17:00
As a new type of temporary infrastructure for outdoor activities, aluminum frame tent is composed of a main frame and PVC fabric cover. The tent is called "removable real estate" due to its flexibility in installation, disassembling, storage and transportation.

What are the cautions for using these tents?
If the tent is to be used for many people having activity inside, it is better to choose large size for adequate space, the most important is to use safe and fire retardant materials, otherwise irreparable damage would happen once it catches fire.
Choose the tent structure and accessories according to the activity purpose, quality of the accessories should be good enough. In addition, the shape of the tent should be chosen according to the event because a suitable shape is very crucial.
There are different fixing ways for the tent such as expansion bolts, steel anchors and weight plates etc., fixing accessories must be chosen according to the ground situation. Before installation customers should inform the construction workers of the land dimension or arrange measurement onsite.

1. Event tents mainly use high strength aluminum alloy as main frame material because aluminum alloy has low density, light weight and good welding performance. Therefore, it is a good choice for tent frame structure material because of its high tensile resistance.
2. Event tent as a temporary architecture is widely used in rental business, it is very convenient to ship and install. Moreover, the oxidized aluminum alloy surface makes it shining and elegant from a good glossy effect, which enhances the tent’s high-end and luxurious visual experience.
3. The event tent outer cover is mostly PVC polyester, the fabric is double-sided PVC coated special layer cloth, its water pressure resistance value is as high as 3000MM water pressure, and anti-mold experiment is level one. In addition to the craftsmanship quality of the fabric, the thickness of it is directly related to the durability of the tent’s outer cover.