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Unique Geodesic Spherical Tent

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Author : Alice Huang
Update time : 2019-09-07 20:57:00

The name of “geodesic dome tent” origins from its appearance, the shape looks like half of a ball and it does look like a football from afar.

Dome tents can be used for hotels outdoor, garden, parties, wedding and large outdoor events, the popular sizes depending on usage are diameter 6m, 8m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m and 50m. The feature of dome tent is after disassembling its size is compact, light and convenient for shipment. It can be a designed and used for tourism resort and periodic tour activities not only because of its unique and beautiful design but also it can be reused over and over after disassembling. The spherical design of dome tent has lowest wind resistance makes it able to resist wind load as high as 120km/h.

Having high cost performance makes small geodesic dome tents suitable for camping hotels. Unlike traditional ones which are less capable of resisting hard wind and heavy rain, geodesic dome tent hotels can provide a luxury camping and relaxing camping experience for a whole family, the inner room area can be decorated as a pure luxury hotel style with wooden flooring, beds, night table, TV, TV stand, fridge, table and sofa and a bathroom with shower and toilet inside.