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Will it be affected by the environment when setting up a hotel tent?

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Update time : 2020-01-05 11:28:00
Tourism is a mainstay industry in many countries, more and more people are interested in getting into hotel tent business. There is one question that people ask quite often: “Will it be affected by environment when installing a hotel tent?”
We know many customers may want to install the hotel tents at different ground situations such as desert, grassland, somewhere near water or in the mountain. It will not be a problem setting up a hotel tent in these different places as our hotel tents use modular designs. It can be understood as a modeling when we used to play as a kid just in a larger size. The modular components are mostly combined of framework and PVC cover so that the hotel tent installation can be done quickly under most weather and ground situations. We can provide customization like revising the model according to customers’ special installation request and site limitation.
Its construction does not require complicated water and soil engineering, so there are no special restrictions on the place to install the hotel tents, normally flat ground would be fine.