Grass Wedding Tent with Romantic Decorations

Item No.: FMT-005
a) 100% fire retardant DIN 4102 B1 level
b) CE and SGS certificates guaranteed
c) Installation Manual and 3D video available
About The Proiect


How to decorate an outdoor wedding tent?
Focus Manufacturing offers a 100% usage wedding tent, the space can be fully used without any poles, by adding some decoration it will be a lovely wedding party hall. As for how to decorate it, we suggest you proceed by steps.

  1. Determine the size of the tent
Confirm the size and shape of the outdoor wedding tent according to budget and number of guests to accommodate, different types may lead to different prices. Decide whether to have space for dancing area also bar and food area, whether to use round tables or square tables and how many people would be seated each table.
It seems trivial at the beginning because there seems to be a lot to consider, but it is totally worth the time thinking, once determined it will save time in either installing or decorating the wedding tent.
  1. Fabric Cover
Customers can either choose clear/transparent fabric or white fabric cover with church windows on side walls. Both types have their own advantages, the clear type allows guests to see through the beautiful nature scenery through the transparent side wall and roof, the white type seems more solemn like it’s having the wedding party at a chapel.
There is one thing crucial is to always choose material that is fire retardant, nothing is more important than safety when it comes to holding a wedding banquet party where many people would hang out and spend many hours together.
White PVC is relatively more durable than transparent PVC, so customers can choose accordingly based on what is more important.
  1. Decorative lining and lighting

Decide the theme for decoration, whether to use simple colors like black and white or vivid colors like golden and champagne, it will determine the lining colors and cost. As most wedding parties will last till evening, it is very important to install lights such as flash light, stage light and sometimes neon to increase the lightness and romantic atmosphere.
Chairs and tables with cover, exquisite candles and flowers are also within consideration.


Frame Material Hard pressed Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
Roof Cover Material 850g/sqm PVC coated polyester fabric
Side Wall PVC Wall, Glass Wall, ABS Wall, Sandwich Wall
Span/Width From 3m to 60m
Sidewall Height 4m, 5m, 6m or Customized
Color White, Transparent or Customized
Life Span More than 20 Years
Wind Load 100-120 km/h
Snow Load 75kg/㎡
Resistant Temperature -30℃ to +70℃